Greenville County is one of five winners of the 2019 RWJF Culture of Health Prize awarded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Prize honors and elevates communities for working at the forefront of advancing health, opportunity, and equity. Greenville County is being nationally recognized for pursuing innovative ideas and bringing partners together to rally around a shared vision of health.

We know we have a long way to go in creating a community where everyone can be healthy.  But the 2019 RWJF Culture of Health Prize team recognized that many of us have created strong partnerships and have a robust understanding of the links between education, housing, transportation, and health, which anchors our efforts.

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The RWJF Culture of Health Prize honors communities that understand where we live—our access of affordable homes, quality schools, and reliable transportation—influences how long and how well we live. Prize communities offer the nation important examples of the type of progress possible when all residents have a fair and just opportunity to live a healthier life. Selected from nearly 200 applicant communities, the 2019 RWJF Culture of Health Prize winners are being honored for pursuing innovative ideas, leveraging their unique strengths, and bringing partners together so better health flourishes for everyone.

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